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Nevada’s Parental Relocation Laws

Relocation cases are some of the most emotional in family law as they require a modification of custody and visitation. At the Law Office of Shelley Lubritz, PLLC, I will assist you in petitioning the Court to relocate or to opposing a requested move. Above all, I will put the best interest of your child first.

Requirements for Parental Relocation Cases

In order to comply with the parental relocation laws, the parent who has custody and seeks to move must attempt to obtain the consent of the noncustodial parent as early as possible before the date of the move. If the noncustodial parent does not provide consent, the parent who wishes to relocate must petition the court for a modification of the existing child custody and visitation agreements in order to allow the move.

Whether you are planning to move with your child or if your rights are being threatened by the other parent’s plan to relocate, you can turn to the Law Office of Shelley Lubritz, PLLC for your relocation case. In cases such as this, the judge will rule in favor of the arrangement which serves the best interests of the children, so it is important to prepare your case to demonstrate that the children would be happier and better off by remaining with you, whether in their current home or in a new home in another state.

Contact an experienced and effective relocation family attorney

At the Law Office of Shelley Lubritz, PLLC in Las Vegas, I provide honest advice and experienced advocacy to help resolve your family law matters. To schedule a free initial consultation at my Las Vegas office, call 702-833-1300 or contact me online.