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Separation versus divorce

In certain situations, a couple may wish to live apart but not terminate their marriage. In Nevada, this can be achieved through a legal separation. A Decree of Separate Maintenance is a court-approved agreement between spouses that outlines asset and debt division, spousal support, child custody and support, and other agreed upon terms without dissolving the marriage. If you and your spouse have a broken relationship but are not ready or willing to divorce, the Law Office of Shelley Lubritz, PLLC offers experienced representation to protect your rights, and those of your children, in a separation agreement. I assist clients in the Las Vegas area and throughout Nevada seeking this alternative to divorce.

For some couples a legal separation, is the best option. Reasons to choose a separation over a dissolution of marriage include:

  • Personal or religious beliefs
  • Children
  • Financial concerns
  • Tax issues
  • Medical benefits
  • Chance for reconciliation

Choosing between a legal separation and a divorce can be a difficult decision. I offer sound legal advice to my clients so they can make the right choice for their individual needs:

  • Asset and property division —Dividing the marital property can be an emotional and complicated process. In Nevada, there is the additional step of determining which property is community property and which property is separate. A knowledgeable attorney can make this process easier.
  • Payment of marital debts — Many couples owe money on their home, their cars or credit cards. I help apportion all debts pursuant to Nevada law.
  • Spousal support — Depending on the financial circumstances of each spouse, support may be negotiated or ordered by a judge.
  • Child custody — Determining legal and physical custody is often an emotionally fraught process. I focus on reducing conflict surrounding these issues and assist clients in creating an agreement that is best for the children.
  • Child support — Raising a child involves all types of expenses, both expected and unexpected. Children are entitled to financial support from both parents, whether parents are married or not. I negotiate, litigate, and enforce appropriate child support orders pursuant to Nevada law.

As an experienced family lawyer, I understand the difficulties of ending a relationship, especially when children are involved. If you are choosing to separate rather than divorce, I will guide you through the process while providing the advice and advocacy you deserve.

Contact a Nevada family lawyer for advice on legal separation

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